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Featured Whitepaper: “Examination of an Inbound Web Portal”


Regardless of the size of a business, everyone is looking to save money and streamline processes. However, often companies overlook the cost of their supply chain, particularly their inbound transportation. Inbound web portals have the ability to bring several companies together in one place to share accurate and necessary information and provide an opportunity for business-to-business growth. Overall, each component of the supply chain—whether it is customers, 3PL providers, carriers or vendors—can reap the rewards of reduced costs, advanced visibility, improved reliability and increased savings.

Download the free “Examination of an Inbound Web Portal” whitepaper to learn the following points + read a real-life case study to see how these principles were applied with a leading retailer.

  • Portal overview and process
  • Benefits across the supply chain
  • Common obstacles
  • Case study with proven results

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