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The Unyson Early Warning System: Working to Ensure Your Christmas Presents Arrive on Time


When we talk about best practices, there are few better examples than the Unyson Early Warning System (EWS), a great product and an equally great service solution for our customers. EWS is a proprietary tool we created to proactively alert customers of shipments in transit that could be at risk of missing the requested delivery date. And after only one year of use, EWS is already changing how our industry thinks of on-time delivery.

Prior to the Early Warning System, if a shipment was going to be late, we would typically inform the customer in as much notice as possible, but it tended to be on the day it was expected to arrive.  Today, that conversation has changed to “It’s due tomorrow, but we already know today that it’s going to be late’. In addition to being much more proactive, this gives customers the opportunity to make adjustments to their network in terms of rerouting other shipments or expediting a specific item, depending on their need. Up to this point, this kind of visibility wasn’t available.

The EWS:

  • Is tailored to encompass almost all of our customer needs in one centralized and unique process
  • Process is executed a number of times throughout the day, making it imperative that all subsequent tasks are completed timely and accurately
  • Measures numerous data points against LTL carrier ETA’s and requested delivery dates issued by the customer
  • Increases transparency throughout freight transit within a real time, readily available environment
  • Allows Unyson to notify consignees and customers of revised ETA’s
  • Uniformly identifies transit, data, carrier, or shipper errors that occur on a regular basis, giving Unyson the opportunity to quickly identify trends and suggest best cases or corrective actions

But most important of all, the Unyson Early Warning System helps us to provide superior customer service and create a greater level of trust by speaking to our proactive process when things go awry, as occasionally but inevitably occurs. By having this extra layer in place, Unyson is coupling state-of-the-art technology with top-of-the-line people to deliver accountability in the form of proactive resolution management.

Plus, by knowing immediately when and why a delay has occurred, our customers now have the ability to avoid potential late fees by giving retailers advance notice, and the opportunity to reschedule accordingly. It’s all part of keeping the client supply chain intact when things go astray and minimizing repercussions.

This is especially critical when it comes to the Unyson JIT clients, where having an early warning system in place provides clarity to companies often depending on a shipment going straight from the truck to the production line.

By working in conjunction with our dedicated account teams, the Unyson Early Warning System allows us to know our client’s business, tracking their business and better understand their needs so we can provide valuable options instead of simply delivering bad news.

In terms of what’s next, possible Phase 2 improvements include mapping software, which would allow customers to see the origin and destination and get up-to-the minute pinpoint locations on their freight. And from our perspective, allowing our customers to know what’s going on as quickly as we do just makes good supply chain sense.

Thanks as always for reading, and please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with me.

Eliminating the Exceptions,

Rodger Hughes
Director, Carrier Network Services