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The Architect Behind the Technology: The Unsung Hero


On an annual basis there are many articles, features and rankings published that list the best technology, best practices and latest innovations. However, it’s rare that I see write-ups regarding the people behind the scenes. Before a technology is marketed and on the shelf, it’s been carefully mapped out, designed, think-tanked, coded and tested by IT experts. Once a technology hits the shelf as a product, it is then the unsung heroes’ job to carefully configure, implement and innovate the technology platform to ensure that its capabilities are fully utilized and its benefits are maximized. These unsung heroes are known as Solution Architects.

To utilize technology to its’ fullest, it’s imperative to ensure the technology works for your company by first understanding requirements, listening to unmet needs and subsequently creating a process that fits. It is the Solution Architects charge to separate symptoms from problems and recommend the best course of action. Throwing technology at a problem is rarely the best course of action. Sometimes the discovery methodology calls for more of a business process oriented change. In turn, when the problem demands a technology solve, it is the Solution Architects responsibility to determine the best approach.  This is no small undertaking, as the design sets the tone for the success of the project. One misstep here can cause significant downstream delays.

Not only do you need to listen to requirements; you must infiltrate best practices. Generally speaking, most organizations fail to get a warm and fuzzy feeling when the term ‘implementation’ is used. By installing a methodical approach, Solution Architects are able to manage their designs through all phases of the system development life cycle.  From analysis and design to configuration and testing, the Solution Architect is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the design meet the end customer requirements while also mitigating any potential risk.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to engineering the technology.  The ability to customize and innovate technology is what keeps a company evolving. In our case, it’s what provides our clients with incremental savings year after year. When we propose a new initiative, we ensure that our technology is part of the equation. Within this equation, it is the Solution Architects responsibility to understand all aspects of the technology and in turn evaluate that against our clients’ business needs.  In a competitive industry where the seemingly impossible can quickly turn into an expectation, it is the Solution Architects job to transform the dream into reality.

Solution Architects’ behind the scenes efforts often go unnoticed and unappreciated, but it is their hard work that makes everything work.  They truly are the innovator that molds the technology and best practices that we annually read about.

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Erin Atherton
Vice President of Solution Services