LTL Freight Services

LTL Freight Services that Improve the Bottom Line and Customer Satisfaction

What Is LTL

LTL shipping is efficient for loads too large for parcel shipping and too small to fill a semitrailer. In a standard LTL situation, the shipper’s materials are loaded on a semitrailer and combined with other shipments to fill the trailer. LTL shipments are often broken down in a transfer warehouse and reloaded to facilitate timely delivery.

Some LTL companies specialize in materials that require special equipment, handling and/or documentation, such as food products, pharmaceuticals and hazardous chemicals. Some LTLs operate in a limited geographic area, while others maintain national networks of vehicles. Key factors that influence the selection of an LTL freight carrier include:

  • Nature of the material to be shipped
  • Shipping volume (e.g., a one-time need versus ongoing service to one or more destinations)
  • Pickup and destination locations
  • Documentation (e.g., real-time status reporting, compliance)

Not All LTL Companies Are the Same

Consider Unyson if your organization is experiencing any of these situations:

Rapid growth.

If your business is expanding in geographic scope, order volume or order size, our flexible and multifaceted LTL solutions will provide optimization opportunities to help manage your supply chain to the highest level of efficiency while you focus on other growth-related business issues.


If you are shipping new materials or introducing new supply chain services because of organic growth or acquisition, and are in new territory with your LTL shipping requirements, we will help make you veterans in the field as quickly as we can ramp up a comprehensive, integrated LTL solution.

Need for standardization.

When organizations rely on multiple LTL companies, bringing uniformity to shipping practices can become impossible, which inevitably results in erratic service to your customers. If your customers demand consistency and a high level of performance, Unyson can help.

Unyson LTL Shipping Capabilities — Seamless Handling of Complex Needs

With a technologically sophisticated supply chain infrastructure and deep experience managing complex freight requirements for regional, national and international organizations, we will bring greater speed, efficiency and data management to your LTL shipments. Our capabilities include:

  • Cross-docking solutions to reduce handling and increase delivery speed
  • Standardization of documentation — an important consideration for organizations using multiple LTL carriers with different operating and information management platforms
  • Dynamic outbound routing to automate and optimize scheduling activities difficult to accomplish manually
  • Real-time order tracking to increase visibility and quickly prevent or manage service issues as they arise
  • Optimization, standardization and multi-stop consolidation of shipments initiated from multiple pickup points
  • MABD/ETA Compliance
  • Multi-modal integration for supply chains utilizing or able to leverage rail, FTL (full truckload) reefer, heated and other forms of transportation in addition to less-than-truckload shipping
  • Multi-customer collaboration to bring new efficiencies and capabilities to already complex supply chains

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