Unyson Heroes

September 2018 Hero:
Troy Steffenson

Troy is a Team Lead on the Carrier Connectivity team. Troy began his career 14 years ago with the Unyson-Hub family in 2004 in Account Management, then moved over to the finance department where he spent most of his career, before joining Carrier Connectivity. Troy’s main responsibility is setting up EDI with multiple carriers for all Unyson accounts. He also establishes EDI connectivity with new carriers and resolves EDI issues that arise.

“I have learned there are a lot of ups and downs in this industry. But as long as you’re part of a team that believes in what they’re doing, always keep your eye and focus on the customer, you can succeed and endure through the daily challenges you face.”

“I’ve watched Unyson grow from a company of around 50 team members to what is now around 300 members. Incredible growth and transformation. I’ve worked with some incredible people here at Unyson and proud of those that have continued with our company over the years.”

“Troy successfully on-boarded multiple accounts carriers on EDI and meeting the tight deadlines. Troy continues to go above and beyond for the organization. He puts in countless hours to help determine why a carrier is not receiving tenders and stayed engaged until the issue is resolved. In addition, Troy provides daily weather updates for national disasters; which helps lay the groundwork for all customer communication during these times. “

- Julie Thuston, AVP, Operations and Account Management