Unyson Heroes

December 2016 Hero:
Tom Brotherton

Tom is a Team Leader and has been with Unyson since 2015. Some of his daily responsibilities are managing the relationship between his customers, carriers, and vendors. Additional tasks include tendering shipments, working unmatched/missing invoices, bills not approved, and providing detailed reporting to the customer.

“Unyson is an organization that values its employees and rewards dedication. I enjoy working directly with our customers to ensure we exceed their expectations. Each day provides new challenges and motivates me to find ways to improve our current processes.”

“Our company has taught me that building a strong relationship with the customer is the key to success. We work in a highly competitive industry and providing exceptional customer service can lead to earning new business in the future.”


"When Tom joined the team he immediately made a significant impact. Tom continues to show his dedication to Unyson and our entire customer base by stepping up regardless of what he's called on to do. Tom exemplifies the level of service that we commit to our customers." - Julie Thuston, Director of Operations