Unyson Heroes

August 2017 Hero:
Tim Ogden

Tim is a Logistics Coordinator that has been with Unyson for 3 years. On a daily basis, Tim focuses on making sure customer orders are planned efficiently, as well as picked up and delivered on time. He started in the Carrier Network Services of Unyson where he is now transitioned to one of our largest operational accounts.

“What I like about Unyson is the ability to learn a new facet of the industry as it pertains to the customer on one account and also utilize that skill in a different way for another part of the company.”

“I’ve learned that there is a fine line between patience and persistence and that when you have a grasp on both, the organization will succeed and the customer will be happy.”

"Tim puts his nose to the grindstone daily with determination and resolve. He has quickly grasped the expectations of our team and more importantly the customer. He is vocal about continuous improvement ideas and acts on them. All of this can be expected but he deserves the Hero award because he has been thrust into multiple roles as of late to cover for his teammates and has come out of those situations with more knowledge and value to Unyson. He has stepped up and makes no complaints about getting the job done! Tim is a team player and demonstrates this skill daily. "

- Lou Trout, Director, Logistics Operations