Unyson Heroes

January 2016 Hero:
Patty Baur

Senior Procurement Analyst |

Patty Baur is a Senior Procurement Analyst and has been with Unyson since 2010. Patty works directly with Unyson Operations, Hub Highway and select carriers to price new and existing customers Truckload, Intermodal and Drayage freight. She uploads pricing into the system and works with customers directly to show them the cost savings in choosing Unyson as their 3PL.

“I like working for Unyson because of the opportunity to cross train and the relationships I have built throughout the years. Unyson has helped me grow as an individual personally and professionally.”

“Unyson has taught me that regardless of the amount of knowledge you think you acquire, there is always more to learn within this industry.”

"With Patty's experience in Operations, she was a natural fit for the Procurement Team. From day one, she jumped in and was ready for a new challenge. The knowledge she has brought has been a great benefit to the department!" - Art Nourot, VP; Carrier Procurement