Unyson Heroes

February 2018 Hero:
Patrick Callahan

Patrick is an Assistant Manager and has been with Unyson since 2014. Patrick’s main focus is onboarding new business for Unyson. Through the years he has been with the company, Patrick has gained a lot of experience and knowledge in Unyson’s operation teams and account onboardings.

“The fast-paced environment keeps each day interesting and fun.”

“Working on different accounts has helped teach me how to adapt to new environments and challenges on the fly.”

"Patrick has been a hero for multiple accounts at Unyson over the last few years. His outside the box thinking has driven many efficiencies as well as savings and margin enhancements to every account he has touched. Patrick is a ROCKSTAR!"

- Julie Thuston, AVP, Operations and Account Management

"Patrick has worked with nearly every account within Unyson's network in his tenure. From starting as a coordinator to progressing to an Asst. Manager, Patrick has brought significant value to Unyson by helping to implement cost reduction strategies, efficiencies and execution to TRU, Big Lots, Variety, At Home and most recently JCP. Patrick's ability and drive to continually learn new practices/process and implemented have been extremely helpful. "

- Lou Trout, Director, Logistics Operations