Unyson Heroes

August 2018 Hero:
Nicolette Neal

Nicolette is a Logistics Analyst II on the Continuous Improvement team. Nicolette started as an intern in 2015 and then became a full-time team member. Her main responsibility is meeting the analytical needs of our customers, which includes providing easily understandable transparency to customers costs and what is driving them. She also continues to find improvements and cost mitigations opportunities for Unyson customers.

“Working for Unyson has encouraged me to apply my analytical skills and detail-oriented personality. I love working with all the different operational and support teams here at Unyson and seeing first-hand how much we can accomplish when we incorporate our unique skills and talents.”

“The fast-paced and challenging environment here at Unyson reinforces that every day presents a new opportunity to learn and grow both personally and professionally.”

“Nicolette makes a huge impact on the crucial customer analyses she has completed for Unyson accounts. Nicolette has discovered missed margin through audits, added to the revenue through contract renewal, and provides quality results as a highly trusted analyst. Nicolette started on the CI team as an intern in December of 2015 and has since grown into a key member of the Continuous Improvement team. “

- Mike Moorhem, Director, Engineered Solutions