Unyson Heroes

November 2017 Hero:
Marie Steinbach

Marie Steinbach is a Senior Logistics Coordinator and has been with Unyson since 2015. She started on a customer account working on LTL before transitioning to Carrier Network Services. As a member of the CNS team, she provides TL shipment tracking services across multiple accounts and serves as a contact point between carrier and customers.

“I enjoy working for Unyson because of the great people within the organization. From Executives to Coordinators every person contributes to making this business work.”

“Working at Unyson I have learned the value of team cooperation and support. Here every customer is valued, and every account is the most important account. The account teams and operations teams work hard to make sure every account is given the support it needs to succeed.”

"Marie has managed the Unyson second shift position as part of the CNS team for well over a year now. Marie has been a great addition to every account she touches. Her communication and professionalism is spot on especially when dealing with the variety of customers she encounters. When we hand out account over to Marie we know it is in great hands. Marie is always willing to go above and beyond for Unyson and keeps a positive attitude when she is asked to do additional work that is needed.

Marie has shown time and time again how valuable she is to Unyson. She works a second shift which can quickly be overlooked however she comes in every day with a great attitude and a smile on her face. Marie has always done anything that is asked of her while also taking the initiative to increase her knowledge of every account. Marie is also very clear, polite and professional when responding to a customer."

- Ryan Heimberger, Manager, Logistics Operations