Unyson Heroes

November 2014 Hero:
Katie McKune

Katie is a¬†Manager of Operations¬†and has been with Unyson since August of 2013. Katie’s daily tasks consist of modeling and tendering, crossdock planning, tracking shipments, handling white glove vendors and keeping up with inbound vendor and carrier emails. She continues to show her strengths for meticulous supervision of the increasing demands of managing crossdocks. Katie focuses on process improvements and is diligently focused on her personal growth within utilizing Business Objects as an outlet to provide excellent service to the customer. Katie has quickly become a multi modal expert and has mastered Unyson’s customized solutions to our customer.

“I like working for the Unyson because of the fast-paced work environment. The atmosphere here provides the chance to master skills, while never running out of opportunities to learn. There are always opportunities to find further supply chain efficiencies, while also growing professional relationships with the customer, carriers, vendors, and co-workers.”

“I have learned that every supply chain is like a machine with dozens of moving parts. Once I began to understand how the supply chain functioned and how each part propelled another, I was able to work for its benefit.”

"Katie has progressed very quickly to become a leader within Unyson. Her can-do attitude to learn and lead her team has propelled service and savings to our customer." - Sonny Talbert, Director of Operations