Unyson Heroes

July 2016 Hero:
Elise Beaudoin

Senior Logistics Coordinator |

Elise is a Senior Logistics Coordinator and has been with Unyson since 2014.  On a daily basis, Elise manages and schedules TL, IML, LTL shipments. Additionally, she supports specialty orders across multiple accounts and provides logistics guidance for her customer’s inquiries.

“I like being a part of Unyson because of the many values we possess.  The dedication to customers, employees, and the transportation industry is outstanding.  The knowledge, talent, and growth within this company is amazing and makes it very pleasant to work here.”

“Unyson has taught me that challenges are the key to success. If you work through the challenges, you’ll find a new, unique solution! Once you are on a positive track, everything else will fall in line.”

"Elise has the ability to quickly adapt to any new situation. She's not afraid to dive into a challenge and that makes her a great asset to our team." - Jimmy McCracken, Director of Operations