Unyson Heroes

June 2018 Hero:
Avery Jamerson

Avery is a Senior Logistics Coordinator who was hired in 2015. Avery works on Unyson’s operational accounts communicating with carriers to source capacity and identify capacity constraints to help them work as efficiently as possible. He also acts as an intermediary contact between vendors and carriers to ensure customer expectations are being met.

“The biggest thing I have learned is how much and how quickly this industry changes. It has taught me to be really adaptable and dynamic in order to meet the customer’s needs.”

“One of the biggest reasons I enjoy working at Unyson, is because of the people and atmosphere. No matter how big the challenge, people never seem to lose their sense of humor or lose the team spirit. And no matter what role you take on, you’re surrounded by knowledgeable people who are enthusiastic about sharing what they know about the industry. The teams and managers I have worked with have taught me most of what I know about the industry.”

"Avery is an extremely hard worker, always putting team success first. He will always do what it takes to make sure the customer's needs are met before they even know to ask for it. He also coaches the rest of the team in best practices showing patience and understanding.”

- Katie Farrar, Assistant Manager, Logistics Operations