Unyson Heroes

July 2019 Hero:
April Kasper

April is a Senior Logistics Coordinator who has been with the Unyson since 2017. She started working under Account Management and continues to work on multiple accounts providing excellent customer service. April previously worked as a Dock Manager in the retail environment.

“The thing I like the most about Unyson is the collaborative environment. When faced with a challenge the ability to reach out to my manager and peers to produce creative solutions is invaluable.

I have learned a great deal in my time with Unyson. Coming from the retail environment, I had only touched on a small part of the transportation world. Learning the intricacies of the transportation portion of supply chain from start to finish is challenging but satisfying when you have pleased the customer.”

“April has been a key component in providing exceptional customer satisfaction with multiple accounts. She has been specifically called out multiple times on calls from the customer about how well she has handled their business and understood what was needed. She works to balance the appropriate carriers for each load based on knowledge of their abilities and capacity. April has taken on tasks with a new customer over the past few months & has worked well taking on those and developed a good report with the customer as well.”

-- Mike Brovey, Manager, Operations