Unyson Heroes

December 2018 Hero:
Amy Hagemann

Amy Hagemann is a Senior Logistics Coordinator who began her career with Unyson in 2015. Amy has worked on multiple account management teams ensuring the greatest customer service and continuing communication with carriers. She also takes care of the track and tracing for her accounts.

“I cherish the experiences I have had and people I have met at Unyson. Positive attitudes and teamwork are somethings everyone here strives to achieve. I am honored to work with such amazing people.”

“I started at Unyson with no industry experience. My managers and co-workers have provided encouragement and have been truly motivating. Unyson has given me the opportunity to grow and learn new things about my capabilities.”

“Amy continues to receive call-outs from Global reps for her outstanding customer service. She is the go-to team owner of difficult customer and vendor issues. The team not only goes to her for advice, they all stop to listen to her calls for experience on how to handle next time. Global reps are constantly urging Unyson to remove carriers from certain lanes and Amy is always diligent to understand the margin impact and make decisions that appease the customer with as little, if any, impact to Unyson margin.“

-- Ryan Reynolds, Manager, Logistics Operation