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Engineering the Solution: Developing Customized Solutions for the Ever-Changing Supply Chain


I am one of the very fortunate to say that I truly love my job. The reason for this, I believe, is due to its ever changing nature. As an analyst on the Engineered Solutions team at Unyson, we not only develop unique strategies for each customer, but we also cultivate an environment for continued learning and problem solving, while enhancing the sustainability for successful partnerships.

The recipe to a lean, green, and cost saving machine is not a slide of the paper across a table with a secret combination, but an evolving process of continual dialogue and devotion from the entire Unyson staff. Unyson is truly an extension of each customer’s transportation management solution. As an analyst, I support this customized solution through the manipulation and conceptualization of current and future data.

The process below highlights ways in which the utilization of data is formulated to engineer a customized solution.

Baseline Validation

The foundation for each analytic process in an opportunity is the baseline validation. During this process we get to know all the stakeholders involved in the supply chain and understand how that supply chain operates through enriched dialogue, network visualization, and trend verification.

Partnership forms between the two entities as we work together through a consultative approach in identifying trends and discussing what efficiencies would look like.

I can specifically recall an interaction with a national CPG retailer in which during this baseline validation process, we in fact validated the accuracy of the data, identified concerns with current processes, and started the discussion about possible enhancements. This process opened dialogue on targeted opportunities, how it could operate, and what it would take to succeed.

Customer Innovation and Execution

As goals are identified, we are able to design and execute intricate models using the data we received. These models revolve around customized parameters that are necessary in each solution. During this process, our modeling software runs through countless scenarios and iterations to develop multiple options for future success. Once possible solutions are identified, we consult our clients with cost versus benefit analysis in moving forward.

Collaboration is key as it allows us to come up with specific innovative solutions for each customer. With the CPG retailer in the circumstance previously mentioned, we were able to begin collaboration with the baseline validation, but bring it to life through the modeling process. The models supported strategic network design with outputs generating an abundance of cost savings.

Continuous Improvements

For each opportunity, immediate success is extremely rewarding. To provide the longevity of that success, we have to truly acknowledge that the supply chain is ever changing, thus engineering solutions that are constantly evolving and growing with our client. Real time data is stored for all of our clients. Our team works together to develop innovative solutions that we mutually believe will enhance the customers’ supply chain. Through collaboration with our clients we develop efficient transportation networks that utilize real time data dashboards to meet all the constraints and display cost savings and brand growth.

Unyson continuously watches, analyzes, and innovates. We watch to ensure on time performance, analyze to make sure we are maximizing efficiencies and innovate to continually improve the supply chain and relationship with our clients. While working with the previously mentioned CPG client, we integrated improvements within the network from increasing vendor relations, providing optimal mode choices and analyzing network design. These improvements were largely based on supporting analytics. This particular client has not only seen immediate bottom line savings since our partnership, but also increases in overall supply chain efficiencies. Together we are continually working in expanding our current relationship.

We have data and analytics to support our customers’ changing supply chain, but the environment around this system is always evolving. At Unyson, we promote constant research and development. From innovation in technology, updates to the physical landscape, and changing policy, we remain a strong solution in the supply chain world by committing to constant research and development and identifying the future of transportation systems.

Engineering these solutions allows Unyson to create efficient and sustainable transportation networks resulting in billions of dollars in cost savings for our customers. In fact, in this short 5 minute read we have saved about $1,000 for our customers. (It’s true, check out the cost savings ticker on the homepage!)

Thanks as always for reading, and please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with me at jknight@unyson.com.