Clients work with us because our employees are hard-working, real-world operators that mold our technology to deliver value to their organizations on a daily basis.

Experience the process

How it Works

The order process life cycle — inbound and outbound — are both distinct. In order to best serve your needs, we combine our state-of-the-art technology, proven methodologies and experience to become the transportation aspect of your network.


Order Creation

Unyson is experienced in a wide variety of orders including purchase orders, internal transfers, third-party shipments, returns and your critical customer orders. All orders needing transportation are sent to Unyson for management and visibility.


Inventory Planning

Unyson works in conjunction with your inventory planning processes to capture the characteristics of each order. For purchase orders, third-party shipments and returns, Unyson assists with capturing the order fill rate to provide visibility for effective supply chain planning.


Load Planning

Unyson’s dynamic load planning process is activated! We utilize iterative optimization tools to find the best transportation mode that reduces transportation costs, saves time, optimizes routes and minimizes your carbon footprint. Your unique business rules are factored into the equation creating load plans that are ready to execute.


Ship Confirmation

Unyson works with the assigned carrier and shipping facility to coordinate the freight pickup arrangements. From appointment times, pickup numbers, and documentation, Unyson streamlines the process providing a single point of contact with our dedicated teams.

Unyson + Carrier

In Transit

Electronically connected to the carrier base, Unyson monitors all transport activity to on-time delivery. Unyson is notified each time the carrier arrives and departs a new location providing detailed visibility of the orders’ current location.

Unyson + Carrier

Exception Management

Unyson closely monitors orders throughout transit. If at any point the orders deviate from the intended plan, Unyson immediately engages to manage the exception. Our experienced teams will assess, communicate and provide options to quickly recalibrate the plan.

Unyson + Carrier

Delivery Confirmation

The orders have successfully arrived! Unyson captures the proof of delivery and updates the order status to “Delivered.” This confirmation can be shared electronically, confirmed via email or viewed on the Unyson website to notify the supply chain of arrival.

Unyson + Carrier:

Freight Accounting

To complete the orders, Unyson manages the complexity of multi-modal freight rating and auditing. Freight charge level detail is captured for each order which supports advanced accounting practices including freight allocation and general ledger coding.



Throughout the entire order lifecycle, Unyson captures the data required to build custom and meaningful reports. These reports are uniquely designed to measure the key performance indicators that drive your business. Unyson will visualize the data into dashboards to monitor processes and serve as the platform to identify continuous improvement opportunities.