What Unyson Does

As a leading multi-modal transportation solutions provider, we reduce our clients' shipping costs in numerous ways.

Full Outsource Solutions

We hear it all the time. You’re experts within your industry, but transportation isn’t on the top of your to-do list. No problem. We’re here to help you get freight management under control. Our dedicated account management teams and customized multi-modal solutions lead to better control and compliance. By utilizing the tools and technology we have on hand, we’re better able to oversee execution and maintain accountability, ensuring your goods are picked up and delivered on time. You have more than a few objectives: keep costs down, cut through capacity constraints; lower carbon footprint; streamline freight movements, and the list goes on. Let’s face it: a flexible, agile TMS coupled with industry experts has gone from ideal to necessary. We’ve done it for some of the largest shippers in the country. We can do it for you too.

Transportation Bid Management

Getting the best bid to move your goods should be a relatively simple process. But more often than not it’s drawn out, confusing and overwhelming. Not anymore. The Unyson standardized transportation bid solution simplifies and facilitates the bid process and helps you hire the ideal carrier(s) without any of the headaches. Using a proven, step-by-step process, we publish a customized and detailed RFP, interact with the most appropriate carriers on your behalf, conduct a number of sophisticated analyses, collect and negotiate multiple rounds of bidding, and offer selection and operational recommendations you can count on. The result is a more streamlined process, up-front cost savings, a long-term rate structure, improved service levels and a lot less stress. If only everything were this easy.

Strategic and Tactical Modeling

Numbers never lie. We let the numbers tell the story of whether our customer’s supply chain is operating efficiently or not. Our strategic tactical modeling service partners modeling software and Unyson know-how to identify immediate opportunities for supply chain savings. During the process we review your historical shipment information, apply some real-world business rules and realistic transportation rates, and establish a baseline model for your current transportation network. We then test a variety of transportation management scenarios and measure the financial impact of each against that baseline. The result: a reliable measure of your freight savings potential and some insights into how we can help you best achieve those savings. Of the more than 400 models we've completed, our clients have realized an average savings of 10-20 percent during the first year. And we said, the numbers never lie.

Dedicated Account Teams

Our people are the best. They know our clients’ business inside and out. That’s because they are dedicated to your business. We provide our clients with an established team that they can call anytime and anywhere. We are available 24/7 and are proactively managing your shipments. This structure allows us to offer recommendations and make decisions on the spot that are right for you. You will never be bounced around from a 1-800 number or talking to a random freight agent. Our dedicated account structure is truly unique in the 3PL industry and it is an area of distinction we are proud to boast.

Carrier Management

We have established and maintained working relationships with the best carriers in the industry. We have further refined our expectations and needs over time, and our carriers have met these expectations and in most cases, exceeded them. Carriers are aware that they must be available for carrier reviews on a monthly, semi-annual, or an annual basis according to the service level they are providing. For a carrier to be selected and used by Unyson, they must constantly obtain all the standards that we set in place on behalf of our customers. Contracts with the carriers will include not only the negotiated rate and service level commitments, but the safety regulations and compliance requirements. Our carriers are held to the highest standard and we provide constant communication to let our carriers know their exact performance. Thanks to our long-standing carrier relationships, your freight always receives preferential treatment.

Network Control Tower

Seeing is believing. We can create a clear line of sight to manage compliance, maximize performance and decrease costs. How? By building a better “data trap” to give us — and you — a broader view of your entire network. Our previous efforts have resulted in complete supply chain visibility throughout the order cycle. Updates are always at your fingertips through a secure website. Interactive dashboards and quarterly whitepapers are developed by the network analytics team incorporating supply chain trends occurring within your network and elsewhere in the industry. If the feedback we’re getting from our clients is any indication, it looks like we’ve got a winner.

LTL Solutions

Unyson is focused on helping you break free from traditional LTL. LTL shipments are expensive and complex to manage. Unyson consistently provides innovative LTL solutions that include multi-stop consolidation, dynamic crossdocks and multi-customer collaboration. Unyson pushes through the complexities of these solutions with our people, processes and technology that result in increased savings, improved utilization and upgraded service. We look at your historical shipments to see what works for your network.

Specialized Services

Whether you have a one-off project, an emergency shipment, high priority return or a white glove delivery, we are here to answer all of your needs. We are your one stop shop. We understand the urgency and heightened awareness for shipments demanding special attention. New store openings, plant relocations, newly acquired facilities, inside display setups, new product launches, seasonal events, non-retail products - just to name a few - all demand planning, capacity and visibility above your normal flow. Unyson provides the expertise, mode options and comprehensive management. We do it all. No problem is too big for Unyson to solve.

Continuous Improvements

You need a company that doesn’t stop thinking about your business; a company that continues to find areas of improvement and brings the ideas to you. Unyson does just that. We have a team of skilled analysts who work hand-in-hand with our dedicated operations teams. They question the “everyday way” of doing things to uncover incremental savings and service improvements. Your business is changing every day and we are here to identify ways to adapt to the neverending supply chain puzzle. No matter the duration of our engagement, Unyson is able to find improvements for our clients by being an extension of your supply chain team.


Rather than simply provide our clients with flashy dashboards, we leverage our technology to the fullest by offering a holistic suite of options that utilize various providers for everything from web applications to execution.

However, we consider the real differentiator to be our people, which is why we focus on using technology that helps us make the decisions that best serve you.

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